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About this Web Site

Europartenariat is an initiative of the European Commission. The Europartenariat logo is the property of the European Commission and a registered trade mark throughout Europe. The Europartenariat Hellas 1997 catalogue is provided free of charge to interested companies. It is not for sale.

The Europartenariat Hellas 1997 Secretariat
Exporter's Association of Northern Greece
Morihovou Square 1
54 625 Thessaloniki, Greece

Editor In Chief
Babis Filadarlis MBA, MIEx., Dip.M.
Europartenariat Hellas 1997
Project coordinator

Communication Services


Internet Services Project Consultant
Dimitris Hatzopoulos

Web Design & Development
Kostas Symeonidis

Internet Park Helpdesk
Mr George Kousagiannidis

Internet Connectivity during the event
IBM Global Network
IBM Hellas
IBM Hellas team: Mr Thomas Karakoulias, Mr John Loussidis, Mr Vangelis Karabassis, Mrs Fotini Lavda, Mr Dimitris Lafis and Mr Kostas Inglessis.
Teleconferencing hardware and software
NETConnect Department
Macedonian Peripherals
Real-time video-conferencing was implemented using hardware from WINNOV

Stand design at Peace and Friendship Stadium
Graphic design - artwork
Mr Christoforos Adam, Mr Christos Helmis, Colibri GDS
Stand design
Ms Alexia Prassa, Mrs Sasa Lada-Hatzopoulou


The Europartenariat Hellas 1997 catalogue has been carefully compiled from information provided by the host companies. The organisers of Europartenariat Hellas 1997 cannot accept liability for any loss or damage incurred due to any incorrect information or inaccuracies contained herein.

The companies are classified in alphabetical order on the base of their corporate name in English as provided by the same.